The mission of BIMHSE is to promote excellence, professionalism, innovation and collaboration in medical and health sciences education.


We aim to bring out the best not only in our students but also in our teachers themselves. The Institute epitomizes the commitment of the Faculty to strive for excellence in medical and health sciences education and to fulfill its mission as a medical school to nurture the best people for the benefit of mankind.


In 1997, The Faculty of Medicine underwent a reform of its medical curriculum. The objective of the reform was to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing health-care system as well as the social and ethical conditions in the new epoch of biomedical and technological advancement.

Over the years, the Faculty has developed coherent organizational structures for curriculum management, assessment and quality assurance, and has made very substantial efforts to promote staff development and scholarship in medical education.

The experience acquired throughout the years has given the Faculty impetus to establish a higher-level entity with a greater scope and capacity for further development. The Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education (IMHSE) was established to give the Faculty a more prominent profile in education and thus facilitate its strategic objective of becoming one of the leaders in the global medical education community.

IMHSE provides a visible mechanism with a strong infrastructure to foster excellence in medical and health sciences education within the Faculty and beyond, thereby advancing its eminent position in this realm of education in the region and international arena.

In 2015, IMHSE was named after Bau in recognition of a generous donation from the estate of the late Mr Bau Man Kwong Maurice to support medical and health sciences education at the University.