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Advanced Professional Development Programme in Health Professions Education (Seminar 3)

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12 Jun 2024
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Seminar Room A6-09, 6/F, William Mong Block, 21 Sassoon Road & Zoom
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BIMHSE Advanced Professional Development Programme

Seminar 3 – Effective Feedback in Small Group Learning

Discover the art of impactful feedback in our workshop tailored for health professions educators seeking to transform their teaching skills. Delve into the nuances of effective and ineffective feedback, explore strategies to overcome feedback barriers, and develop a learning environment that fosters constructive communication. Engage in interactive discussions and critique real-world examples of feedback from health professions education. Experience hands-on learning by practising feedback exchange with peers, culminating in a meaningful experience that empowers your growth as an educator. Join us for this final session in our advanced professional development series crafted for health professions educators and unlock your potential to guide students towards their milestones in competency-based curricula.

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Prof David Carless, Professor, Faculty of Education

Prof Linda Chan, Clinical Assistant Professor, BIMHSE & Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care

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