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Scale Development and Validation: What Teachers Need to Know

  • Date / Time
12 Aug 2024
  • Location
Yu Chun Keung Medical Library Knowledge Hub
  • Abstract
Accurately measuring educational constructs is a crucial component of research and teaching, as it ensures the reliability and validity of findings. Researchers must demonstrate that the tools they use are valid to ensure trustworthiness of data. Similarly, teachers require assurance that the items they use capture the intended construct accurately. Understanding the principles and techniques of scale validation is essential for educators and researchers to develop robust measurement scales for assessment for learning, grant applications, and research writing.

This workshop offers a basic understanding of scale validation, covering essential aspects from item development to validation and achieving sound psychometric properties. Through guidance and hands-on activities, participants will gain practical skills to create reliable and valid scales for educational and psychological constructs. These skills can be directly applied to developing assessment toolkits, writing the methodology section of Teaching Development Grant applications, and enhancing the quality and rigor of research. By participating in this workshop, participants will be guided to produce valid and reliable measurements of educational constructs, leading to the enhancement of our assessment toolkit and contributing to the advancement of the field.

The workshop will accommodate only the first 15 participants. This limited capacity allows for personalized opportunities for hands-on training, maximizing the effectiveness of the workshop.

All teaching staff are welcome.
  • Speaker(s)
Dr Fred Ganotice has background in Educational Psychology who has published a number of manuscripts on scale development and validation.

He is the Programme Director of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) and Associate Fellowship of Advance HE via STaR programme

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