How to deliver a lecture

“Lecturing is not simply a matter of standing in front of a class and reciting what you know…”. The following links provide general strategies for delivering a lecture and summerise suggestions on how to improve the quality of lecturing.
iDEA center

How to lead small group teaching

Small group teaching encourages students to organise their thinking by comparing ideas and interpretations with each other and to give expression, and hence form, to their understanding of a subject. The following links provide information of small group teaching for facilitators, such as the general principle of facilitating, what are the challenges, and how to address those challenges in small group teaching.
The University of New South Wales

How to facilitate PBL

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject in the context of complex, multifaceted, and realistic problems. The following links provide information on how to facilitate PBL tutorials.
McMaster UniversityFermilab Science Education Office

How to give feedback

The following links provide descriptions on the principles of and the model of giving feedback, the barriers of giving feedback, and suggest how to give formal and informal feedback.
Zeal Coaching Ltd

How to write multiple-choice questions

Well-written multiple-choice questions can test up to the sub-synthesis levels of cognition, that is, knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis. The links provide both general and specific guidelines on the construction of multiple-choice questions.
Pennsylvania State University

How to assess students

The follow links provide a collection of practical resources, such as designing assessment, selecting assessment tasks, assessing in diverse contexts, and interpreting & grading.
The University of New South WalesCarnegie Mellon University